Showers of blessings!


Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in You I trust. Make me known the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul.” Ps.143:8
Ezekiel 34:26 [Full Chapter]
I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.

Dear family in Christ, We wish you a very Happy and Blessed Songkran (Thai New Year. May God’s blessings will be poured out on your life! Thai’s celebrate it by splashing water on each other.
God’s blessings are showered in our ministry through your prayers and support
If God opens doors, no one can close it!
Even though not all the parents support their children in coming to church, but More than fifty people came for our school closing program, where we presented a special program with our children and had chance to share the Word of God. I am so thankful for the special relationships with our students that God granted me.
God is so Amazing! He knows our needs even before we ask Him! Before starting a camp we didn’t have enough people, and I got an email, that one young lade from Germany, who was also serving in Thailand for few months, had a break for one month and would like to come and join our ministry. It was just a perfect time! We had a chance to make a day camp at our village, Mien tribe, and God opened the doors in the villages beside us.
Mong tribe, up in the mountains, More than 45-50 children were attending every day and heard the Gospel, worshiped God and learned English. It was interesting to see adults and other children, who were squeezing through the windows and door trying to see what we are doing there, while we were teaching and singing. Few times there was a man, who was holding a rock behind his back, and as soon as he saw us was saying something with a grumpy face. God protected us from all harms, and every day children heard that God is more powerful than any spirits that they are afraid of. Praise the Lord!
Next camp is going to be in the village with Northern thais, where we praying to start a cell group with teens. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.
God also provided a keyboard for our church, and not only that, even a teacher, who came here for one month! God also touched one young man, who was also reading and praying for the ministry here, and he came here with his son, to help with the building project. Only God can put people from different countries in the same place, at the right time for His purpose! Thank you for praying for our protection, during cutting bamboo and also God protected us and our villagers during April’s storms, because some places got losses.
Please Pray:
1. For our camp at Baloo. And also we will celebrate Christ resurrection and would like to invite people from our tribe, so God would open their hearts and and we would share a Good news with them!
2. Protection for our building team, while they are working with bamboo and on the high places.
3. It is dry season and not enough water in our well, please pray for God to send some rains and feel our well.
4. Please pray for wisdom and God’s guidance in sharing a good news with Mien tribe and other surrounding people.

I am very thankful for your prayers, it helps me to keep going and continue to do the work God called me to do. May God richly bless you and I’ll be glad to pray for you.
Following in His steps… till Thailand, Mien tribe
Anita Miteiko












Looking Back… (Kristina)


A few months ago, the Lord gave us an opportunity to do two English teacher seminars. During the seminar we were able to continue forming the relationships that had been slowly building for the past two years with the teachers. We had the freedom to give out brochures to them and share the gospel with a few teachers. Two of them in particular were very open and asked questions. The Lord gave the right words in Thai to help explain the truths. One teacher said she will share the story with her children and students. She had previously stated, ”You are so kind.” This was an opportunity to share the power Christ gives to do good, and the victory over sin that belongs to His children.

On the last day of Saturday English school for the kids from the village, two students walked up and invited Oksana and I to visit them at their home. 20 minutes later we arrived in their village where we got to meet the families. This was the first time we got to see where our students live. We went to visit the mother of one girl at a field where she worked, farming. It was hot and the mother appeared tired as she shared her hardship of the little fruit the ground had yielded due to the dry rainy season. She offered us a melon and we went off to the other students’ house. Her family lived far out in the jungles. Her father got us coconuts from their backyard and the girls proceeded to invite us to sleepover. Our director said they could sleep over at Avoda and after much begging, the parents allowed them to come over. One girl joyfully replied,” I prayed to Jesus, and my parents let me come!” The fact that their parents let them come was a big step in building relationships. Praise the Lord!

There have been a few changes on our team. Oksana and I are back in the U.S for more training. We are now looking for Gods direction for the near future. Natasha is paying off her loans with a plan to go back to Thailand as soon as she’s done. Anita is in the North of Thailand. Thank you to all who are involved in our lives!